Renovation Update Week 5
Dr Rena Secter Elbaze, Executive Director

March 13, 2024

Welcome to Week V of our weekly renovation site update series, part of our L’Dor Va Dor Capital Campaign and Renovation Honouring Our Past and Embracing Our Future.

This week’s update will include a Photo Album of the renovation site with a variety of indoor and outdoor views.

Click here to view the photos

In last week’s update, I spoke about the renewed Memorial Plaques in the Rabbi Berkal Chapel. The plaques have now been taken down. They have been indexed and professionally photographed to keep a record of their placement and are now in secured storage.

I felt a need to provide some clarification regarding the existing plaques. THERE WILL BE NO EXTRA COST to those congregants who already have a plaque or who have pre-paid for a plaque.

All existing bronze plaques will be replaced with an etched glass plaque and congregants will be invited to either retrieve the old plaques as a keepsake or donate them back to the synagogue for recycling. Recycling the bronze plaques will help us to off-set the costs of the replacement plaques. If you chose to keep your plaques, any donation towards the replacement plaques would of course be greatly appreciated but is not a requirement.

Each week will bring us closer to our project’s completion and our opening for Rosh Hashanah at the beginning of October 2024.

Please be in touch if you’d like to have a conversation about the progress and specific details of the renovation. Please feel free to forward your questions to me at

Warm regards,

Dr. Rena Secter Elbaze
Executive Director

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