Is the Synagogue Building still Important?
by Neil Duboff, Capital Campaign Chair

February 22, 2022

When the pandemic lockdowns began, the Shaarey Zedek, and many other synagogues and churches, began to accelerate their digital outreach.  Facebook, Zoom and other virtual broadcasting platforms were adopted with a swiftness brought on by necessity.  The widespread accessibility of technology provided the opportunity that our congregation could and did support – albeit not without some challenges.  No longer was it necessary to secure broadcast times or operate expensive equipment to reach the members of the congregation.

Now, after two years into this pandemic, and with more and more of us vaccinated, we need to plan for our post-coronavirus future.

This is not a binary issue (either good or bad to be remote).  We must accept that some will prefer the virtual service, and while it is possible to worship “remotely,” we should not give up on the importance of meeting together.  There is undeniable power when even two or  three are gathered together in prayer.  Some of us long to sit with family and neighbours, and be present in our beautiful building.  Physical, in person services will continue to be preferred by many.

The pandemic will pass. Our renovations can, must and will address the needs of all congregation members, accommodating both those who choose to worship in person and those who prefer to worship at home.  They must also accommodate simchas, funerals and birth.  They must address safety issues. We need to plan for our worship needs, our family needs, our children’s needs, our educational needs.  And these plans must meet your needs.

Neil Duboff
L’Dor Va Dor Capital Campaign