Todah Rabah, Thank you, to our Current Donors

Below is a list of our Capital Campaign donors as of November 1, 2023 — this list will be updated periodically.

If you are a donor and have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to make a donation, please contact Jodi Novak, Capital Campaign Manager, at or call 204-452-3711.



The Asper Foundation

Gail Asper, O.C., O.M., LL.D. and Michael Paterson

Marjorie Blankstein, C.M., O.M., LL.D.

Tova and Larry Vickar, Stephen and Marie, Sam and Odessa



The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba



The Winograd Family in loving memory of Grace and Neville Winograd Z”L



Caroline and Max Blankstein

Carol and Neil Duboff and Family

Dr. Edward Lyons OC and Harriet and family

Carol McArton and family in loving memory of Barry McArton Z"L

In loving memory of Ettie and Earl Robinson Z"L

Fanny and Charles Shore and Family

The Bob Silver Family



The Zita & Mark Bernstein Family Foundation

Mary and Leo Blankstein

The Brown Families - Bob and Debby, Jon and Isabel

Elyse Halprin in memory of R. Kenneth, Susan Lori and Tracey Ellen Z"L

Richard Morantz and Sheree Walder Morantz

Catherine Weinstein and Family in loving memory of Joel Weinstein Z"L

3 Anonymous Donors



Dr. Lorne Bellan and Dr. Bonnie Cham

Miriam Corne and Gary Hyman

Mark and Dorothy Danzker Perpetual Trust Fund at The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba

Shirley and Bob Freedman

In loving memory of Susan Lori Halprin Z"L

Bonnie and Michael Helper

Marisa and David Hochman and Family

Dr. Sara Israels

Penny and Gerry Kalef

Ivy Kopstein and Murray Palay

Elaine and Neil Margolis

Drs. Noam Millo and Tamar Rubin

Rocky Pollack in loving memory of Sharon Pollack Z"L

Ian Rabb in Honour of Sheila, and David Z"L

Laura Richman and Harold Z"L

Brent Schacter and Sora Ludwig

Rick Lee and Laurie Shapiro

The Shindleman Family



Earl and Cheryl Barish

Terri and Morley Bernstein

Lawrence and Reesa (Dolly) Cohen

Hennie Corrin, Barbara, Patrice & Laurence Goldberg and families, In Loving Memory of Percy & Elaine Goldberg Z"L

Robert Didych

Edith Diner and Leon Stein

Brownie and Harold (Z"L) Fleishman and Family

A.Bert Glesby Z"L

Beth and Bobby Goldberg and Family

Phyllis Goldberg in loving memory of Manley & Howie Z"L

Brenda and Saul Greenberg

Rita Gunn and Gregory Mason

Glenna and Michael Kay

Ahava Halpern and Frank Lavitt

Rosalie Lazar & Sharon Bashaw In Memory Of Edward & Mary Lazar Z"L

Jonah, Rafaela, Jay and Michael Le Goff

Lori Lothian and Tom Bradley

Rochelle Pincovich

Anna and Lyle Silverman

George and Barbara Slutchuk

The Stronger Family

Brenlee Carrington Trepel, Q. C., Brent, Skyler and Sierra Trepel

Paul and Jackie Winestock

Yusim Family

Gustavo Zentner and Fanny Levy



Dick and Minnie Bell

Susan Billinkoff and Family

Gary and Pamela Brooker

Dee Buchwald and Family in loving memory of Harold Buchwald Z"L

Drs. Michael and Brenlee Cantor

Sandra Caplan, in loving memory of Barry Caplan Z"L

Susan and Jerry Cohen

The Cook Family

David Deutscher and Heather Leonoff

Claire and David Dveris Fund at The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba

Sheldon, Sandra, David and Shamona Earn

Myra Frieman

Sherri and Paul Gerstein

Dr. Lawrence Gillman, Sophie, Michael, Jack and Clare Gillman

Matthew and Dianne Glass

Earl and Suzanne Golden

Barbara and David Goldenberg

Serril and Sylvia Gunn and Family

The Hon. Joe Hershfield Q.C. and Fern Hershfield

Carole Jeffries

Amy Karlinsky and Bryan Magnusson

Ellie Kives

Heather and Jeff Koplovich

Jacki and Sheldon Koven

Audrey and Daniel Kravetsky

Michael and Helene Leipsic

Richard Leipsic and Kerrie Halprin

Dr. Wayne Manishen

Steve Moscovitch and Sharon Segal and Family

Rory Paul, children and grandchildren

Ruth Carol and Leonard Podheiser

Sandy and Marvin Polanski

Nancy and Hart Pollack and Family

Andrew Marquess and Maureen Diamond

Minuk Sisters Fund

Sheila, Jeffrey, Irene and Ian In Memory of David Rabb Z"l

Susan and Gerald Rosenby and Family

Corky and Stephen Rosenfield

Dov, Sarah, Sadie and Molly Secter

Sylvia and Perry Schulman

Sally Shuckett and Morley Shuckett Z"L

Elaine and Norman Silverberg

Lori Spivak and Gordon McKinnon

Mira Spivak

Freda Steel, David Gisser, Jason Gisser, Meira Gisser and David Rosenbaum

Max D. Steinkopf

Dr. Jason Tapper, Susie Freedman Tapper, Maddy and Emily

Dr. Marshall and Candice Tenenbein

Audrey and Jerry Weiss

Bill and Alice Weissmann

Heather and Cliff Yaffe

Harriet and Alex Zimmer

3 Anonymous Donors



Lynne and Allan Becker

Hannon Bell

Abraham and Toni Berenhaut

Shirley Labman and Ben Berkal

Rabbi Rokie Bernstein

Lorne Billinkoff in loving memory of Marilyn Billinkoff Z"L

Arthur Blank and Patti Cohen

Ken and Jeff Blankstein-Fakes in memory of Arthur Blankstein Z"L

Gail and Kerry Bloomfield and Family

Cheryl and Brad Bokhaut and Family

Sheila and David Brodovsky

Martin and Mira Buchwald

Philipa and Aubrey Caplan

Allan, Gloria and Stephen Cantor

Neil and Judy Charach in honour of our 50th Wedding Anniversary

Pat Charad

Terri Cherniack and Steven Schipper C.M., O.M. -in honour of the Weidman and Halter Families

Dr Harvey and Michelle Chochinov

Shelley (Moishe Z"L) Chochinov

Susan and Greg Clark

Dennis and Nancy Ditlove

Cara, Shira and Jeff Dveris

Linda and Allan Finkleman and Family

Merle and Marvin Garfinkel

Marcela and Ruben Gonzalez

Kayla Gordon and Art Maister

Elliott Goszer and Jennifer Schulz

Aron and Emily Grusko and Family

Terry and Carole Gutkin

Lolly and Saul Guttman

Ellen and Daniel Hamburg

Evelyn and Larry Hecht

Paul Henteleff and Julie Collings

Cathie Hiller

Belle Jarniewski

Betty Katz, and Melvyn Katz Z"L

Elliot and Linda Katz

Esther Katz and Family in memory of Philip Katz Z"L

Fay-Lynn Katz and Family in memory of Toby and Mayer Gutwilik Z"L

In memory of Esther Katz Z"L with love from her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

Sharon and Murray Knazan

Hy Kraitberg and Terri Slotnik

Jessica and Myles Kraut

Ruth Lehmann and Dr. Eric Ellis

Carol and Clifford Levi

Jeff and Robyn Lieberman

Beverley Manishen Z"L

Jim and Joy Manishen

In loving memory of Marvin Meltzer Z"L

Susan Enid Silverman Mintz

Nathan and Carolyn Mitchell

Jerry and Gloria Moscovitch, Susan and Dan, In Memory of Our Son and Brother, David Michael Hartley Moscovitch Z"L

Sharon and Mel Myers

Dr. Robert and Elaine Paul

Lynn Pollock, Dr. Debbie Pollock and Benjamin in loving memory of Mischa Pollock Z"L

Maureen Pollock and Family in loving memory of Raymond Pollock Z"L

Richard Pollock and Sarah McKinnon

Sherna and Gerry Posner

Marilyn and Mark Prober

Louise and Lorne Raber in loving memory of Allan and Marian Zelickson Z"L

Linda and Jack Rabkin & Family

Susan and Joel Remis

Harry and Hope Rosenbaum

Neil and Susan Rykiss and Family

Morley Rypp in memory of Shirley Z"L

Alayna and Larry Saifer and Family

In Memory of Marsha Schwartzman Z"L

Alan and Marlene Schweid and Family

Jacquie Seipp, Mara and Zanna Seipp-Katz

Fayth and Yale Shaffer and Family

George H. Shand

Dr. Michael D. Sheps

Norman and Heather Silver

Bill and Michelle Silverberg

Francie Bay Smith and Arnold Smith

Marlaina and Hillel Sommer

Jackie Stillwater

Randall Swartz and Ivana Islic

Marilyn Trepel

Carla and Wayne Vickar

Martin, Agustina, Hannah, Sigal and Ben Wayngarten in memory of Alicia Monastersky Z"L

David, Shira,  Tovah, Aaron, Anthony, Amira, Tyson, Kylon In Memory of Diane Wilder Z”L

Dianne and Edward Winters

Dr. Gail Lavitt and Dr Ron Worb & Family

Greg and Mandy Yakubovich

Lillian Zentner

Kenneth, Lori, Lexie and Jenna Zimmer

2 Anonymous Donors



Sharon Allentuck

Marie Barrett

Sandra Berkowits

Roberta Cantor

Carla Divinsky

Janet Fleishman

Beth Goldenberg in Loving Memory of Jerry Goldenberg Z"L

Rosie Engel Gordon

David Greaves

Sydney and Barbara Kowall and Family

Isaac and Robin Krolik

Terri Kushner

Adolfo and Alicia Laufer

Tzivie Meyers

Bruce Mozersky

Kristy Muckosky

Brenda Odwak

The Perl Family In Memory of Marilyn Perl Z"L

Ana Plotnicoff and Carlos Schor and Family

Marilyn Raber

Sandra Rosen

In Memory of Jack Shindleman Z”L from his nieces and nephews Howard, Brenda, Stephen, Kenny, Robert, Corky, Paul, Debbie, Michael, Faygee, Sandy, Gayle & Danny

Morley and Debbie Silverman

Alex Sommer

Clare Whiteman

Rhonda and Harry Youell

12 Anonymous Donors


If you are a donor and have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to make a donation, please contact Jodi Novak, Capital Campaign Manager, at or call 204-452-3711.