Daycare, Construction Date, FAQ
by Neil Duboff, Capital Campaign Chair
& Ran Ukashi, Executive Director

March 30, 2022

Good evening, friends,

We are pleased to share with you, progress that continues to be made on the building project and capital campaign:

Following consultation with our Board of Directors, the Rady JCC, The Province of Manitoba, Number TEN Architectural Group and Akman Construction, we are excited to announce that plans are proceeding for the creation of an onsite daycare facility as part of our building renovation project. The space will accommodate 30 children in total – 26 preschool-aged and 4 infants. It will be operated in partnership with Rady JCC, who will be responsible for running the program and providing staff. We anticipate receiving revised floor plans for the lower level, and a revised hard cost budget, in May, from Number TEN and Akman Construction, respectively, which we will continue to share.

Updated design plans were received from Number TEN Architectural Group in early March, from which a booklet, highlighting the key renovation elements to date, was created and circulated. With the addition of the daycare space to be situated where the Lower Level Lounge is, revised plans will be circulated. In the meantime, we strongly encourage members to share their comments regarding the renovation via email to

Check out our FAQ section for updated information by clicking here.

The first phase of the project is set to begin in early July and will focus on asbestos removal, roof work, HVAC upgrades and data wiring upgrades.

Information continues to be added to our campaign website, Click the link to be taken to the website where you can find the Renovation Project booklet, previous announcements, FAQ section, and more.

The next member update is scheduled for the end of April so please watch for that. We will continue to share new information as it is confirmed. As always, keep well, and thank you for your continued interest and support!

Neil Duboff
Capital Campaign Chair
Ran Ukashi
Executive Director