Renovation Update Week 1
Dr Rena Secter Elbaze, Executive Director

February 14, 2024

Here is another short video clip from our renovation site.

This is the second clip in a series of weekly releases to update you on the progress of our L’Dor Va Dor Renovation Honouring Our Past and Embracing Our Future.

This week’s video clip will show you our efforts to protect our two Aron Ha Kodesh, our holy Arks, in both the Chapel and Main Sanctuary, that usually contain the Sefer Torah Scrolls. These beautiful arks, which have been an architectural feature at our synagogue over the years, will retain their traditional look and have been protected during the construction. The collection of Torah scrolls are currently being stored at Temple Shalom, and the Asper Jewish Community Campus, where they are used for Shabbat and weekday services.

Future videos will reveal the upgraded Yahrzeit plaques in the Rabbi Berkal Chapel, a view of the lower-level lounge area and our Childcare Centre.
Each week you will be able to view the progress to the site that will bring us closer to our opening for Rosh Hashanah at the beginning of October 2024.

I am happy to have a conversation with you to answer your questions and provide more information on the progress and specific details of the renovation. Please feel free to forward your questions to me at

Warm regards,

Dr. Rena Secter Elbaze
Executive Director